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The church of Santa Maria del Caroseno

Foto di P. Ladogana

The church Santa Maria del Caroseno, whose façade is in late Baroque style, was built on the site of an oldest church, which was already known in the 16th century. Until the Sixties, the church was the limit of the city centre, since it is located on the way to the town of Putignano.

Inside the church, the single nave is surrounded by pointed arches. The stone altar is characterized by decorated columns and there you can see some paintings of 1767 by Vincenzo Fato. These paintings depict the birth of the Virgin Mary, the Virgin and Child, Saint Peter and John the Apostle.

Under the removable central panel hosting the painting of the Virgin and Child, you’ll see the original 17th century fresco, another wonderful image of the Virgin Mary.

The outside is in Baroque style but was altered during the second half of the 18th century. The façade is divided vertically into three parts by two pilasters and horizontally into two orders by a projecting cornice. In the lower order there are two recesses in which you’ll see the two stone statues of Saint Peter and John the Apostle.

The upper order has a large window surmounted by a tympanum and side spirals. In the pediment there is another recess with a statue of Our Lady surrounded by angels.

Every year on September 7 and 8, we celebrate the traditional feast of the Virgin of Caroseno, the protector of pregnant women. The 8 in the morning the annual fair takes place.


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(trad. Maria Chiara Ivone - Tirocinante Unitrieste SSLMIT)



03 Febbraio 2023