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The church of Il Purgatorio

Madonna del Suffragio

Chiesa del Purgatorio, or Santa Maria del Suffragio, is a church from the late 1600s, remarkable for the pieces of art preserved inside it.

In the square-plan interior you will see a magnificent wooden altar decorated with pure gold from the 1700s, as well as a decorated wooden confessional from the 19th century.

There are also different artworks by the artist Vincenzo Fato (1705-1788) from Castellana: San Filippo NeriSan Francesco Borgia, l'Annunciazione, la Madonna del Suffragio and San Francesco Saverio.

The pulpit, adorned with paintings representing topics such as the Penance, the Charity and the Holy Mass, and the pipe organ, with golden and green decorations, are from the 18th century.


Where is it?  

(trad. Maria Chiara Ivone - Tirocinante Unitrieste SSLMIT)



28 Settembre 2022