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Aurelio Persio, a sculptor

Aurelio Persio
Aurelio Persio
(Montescaglioso, 1518 - Castellana,1593)

Aurelio Persio is a Renaissance sculptor and the brother of the better-known Altobello. His name is linked to the works that you can see in the church of San Leone Magno of Castellana Grotte.

The Aurelian polyptych must have been majestic – it was originally located down the presbytery and destroyed in 1882-1883. Nowadays its statues are located on either side of the naves, inside the fourth arcade on the right – the Man of Sorrows of 1551 stands out for its extraordinary beauty.
As documented by the researcher of Castellana Giacomo Lanzillotta in his magnificent monographic study Aurelio Persio e la scultura del Rinascimento in Puglia – published by Adda in 2010 – the polyptych consisted of three overlapping parts.

Between the angels who carry candles, there were the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and the Man of Sorrows.

On the top there was the Eternal and probably the splendid statue of Our Lady of Consolation. The wonderful representation of Madonna and Child, also known as Our Lady of Consolation, sits enthroned on the apex of the high altar.

Although the 19 th century heavy mash made this statue dark, it is possible to see the clear monumentality of the classical style.


Lanzillotta G. Aurelio Persio e la scultura del Rinascimento in Puglia, Adda Editore, 2010 ISBN 9788880828570

(trad. Maria Chiara Ivone - Tirocinante Unitrieste SSLMIT)



29 Febbraio 2024
29 Febbraio 2024